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“In a world where darkness and gloom forced its way into our conscious mind, let us receive the Unity we long for with Faith that Love will Water our Compassion with Hope. Hope that brings Bliss and Patience and experiences a Growth in Respect for all life. With Hope our Optimism breeds Acceptance.”

Our Healing Tree -  Story Telling Workshop was a wonderful collective experience. After each of our attendees individually came up with a word that represented healing to them and individually painted an image for it, Facilitator, Kat Robertson composed this story below from the group’s individual words. The underlined words were the group’s words.


This followed with everyone coming up with a sound and a movement for their word, which culminated the workshop with the reading of the story and what you see in this video by a group of people mostly unknown to each other but came together to create this “Healing Tree” Visual Story!


We have invited Kat Robertson to conduct a Storytelling segment at our 1st Juneteenth Celebration on the grounds of the Savannah African Art Museum on 6/19, 12N – 4pm. The phrase we will be creating our story from will be “Pulling from the past/Reaching for the future.”  We hope you will join us as we celebrate Juneteenth with storytelling, music, art, a taste of West Africa via a mini museum tour of the West African Collection & mini samples of dishes from Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia & Ghana, Tracing Your Roots Tips & Resources by the Bull Street Library Genealogy Room, a beading demo, info/resources for the community and more… all in the spirit of Sankofa “look back to honor, embrace to move forward!”


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