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If you’re new to the Sketchbook and you’re wondering why this release is called 2.0, it’s because Autodesk has improved the Sketchbook to a new version (which we’re calling Sketchbook Pro 2.0). We’ve taken the codebase of Sketchbook from 1.0 and brought it up to 2.0. The improvements in 2.0 cover usability, usability, and usability.What’s New in SketchbookAutomate the Import. AutoCAD® 2019 is the first release to include a fully integrated Sketchbook import. With 2.0 you can quickly turn a paper sketch into a design. With the drag and drop of a paper drawing, you can visually add comments, elevations, and offsets to your design before importing to AutoCAD.The Sketchbook also works with a Sketchbook Project Format (.sketchp) extension for faster file and folder management and.acdb for a familiar extension-based configuration dialog that works great with your existing toolbox and drawing projects.Easily manage, change, and save your Sketchbook and Sketchbook Projects files. With the new version of the Sketchbook, you can view, open, and manage files using the same windows you use to manage AutoCAD and Revit projects. If you’re a Sketchbook Pro user, you can easily manage your Sketchbook Projects (.sketchp) files in your Sketchbook by dropping the files into the Sketchbook automatically. You can manage your Sketchbook and Sketchbook Projects files in the same manner as other types of files that you create or open.With the new Sketchbook, you can share your sketches with others easily with the use of the Share Sketch link in the Sketchbook information panel. Simply drag and drop a Sketchbook (.sketchp) file to the Share Sketch link to add your Sketchbook to a web page, Facebook, or any other sharing site you prefer.Usability improvements. With 2.0, we’ve focused on usability. You can access your Sketchbook files and manage your Sketchbook Projects easily. Simply use the new Sketchbook window and click on any Sketchbook file to open it. Click on the Project Window icon to open your Sketchbook Projects, and navigate directly to the files you need.We’ve taken the codebase of the Sketchbook and brought it up to version 2 2be273e24d