Welcome to our Online Exhibits

The Savannah African Art Museum Interactive Experience


Welcome to the Savannah African Art Museum’s (SAAM) Interactive Experience

In this Interactive Experience through the museum you are invited to explore 10 of the museum’s galleries and interact with select objects from the museum's 1000+ collection. Each highlighted object that we have selected features a high-resolution photo, important cultural information, academic articles, and further resources. In addition, we have 5 objects that have been digitally scanned as a 3D model that you can interact with.

Working in partnership with UX/UI designer and developer Marco Flagg, SAAM’s Interactive Experience sprouted to life, with COVID-19 being a catalyst for this project.

Our aim with this project is to reach a global audience and to encourage participants to visit the museum to experience more of our collection. Furthermore, we have formatted this experience to be a compliment to grade school  curriculums that cover the study of Africa, World History, Art, Geography, as well as, an offering of an engaging experience to enjoy as a virtual excursion.

From all of us at the Savannah African Art Museum:

Welcome and please enjoy our exhibits!

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3D Model Gallery

View the 3D Models in this interactive experience

Gallery 2

Metal Casting and

the Kingdom of Benin

Gallery 5


Gallery 8

Nkisi and Kifwebe

Intro Gallery 

Introduction Gallery at the Savannah African Art Museum

Gallery 3

Works from the Igbo and Yoruba peoples of Nigeria

Gallery 6

Kuba Royal Trio

Gallery 11

Finale Gallery

Gallery 1

West African Kingdoms, cultures, and art

Gallery 4

King Njoya

Gallery 7