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Internships at the Savannah African Art Museum are available to undergraduate and graduate students of all majors who are interested in a career in the arts and fields related to museums. Our internships are structured through hands-on mentor-based learning that is designed to provide interns with real-world museum experience.

What internships are available? 

  • Curatorial

  • Graphic Design

  • Registration and Collections Management

  • Education and Community Engagement

You can learn about each internship by downloading the museum's 

Internship Program Guide at the end of this page.  

When are internships available? 

Our internships are available year-round and are flexible to meet university credit requirements. Each program has a minimum of a 10-week period and is available on both a full-time and part-time schedule. Please look at your university's minimum hour requirement for internships.

What materials or programs will I need for my Internship? 

Depending on your internship, you will need access to the following: 

  • Camera or Smart Phone with a working Camera

  • Notebook/Sketchbook and Pencils

  • Laptop or Tablet

  • Access to Google Drive

  • Access to Academic Research Databases (i.e, Jstor, EBSCOhost)

  • Access to Adobe Creative Suites

  • External storage device (i.e, flash drive, external hard drive)  


Savannah State University Student and Savannah African Art Museum Education and Community Engagement Intern, Helen Zellner presenting on types of amulets used in Africa as one part of her final internship project.

© The Savannah African Art Museum

Where do I apply? 

Email all documents or questions with the subject line "Internship" to

What do I submit when applying? 

Please include the following in PDF format:

  • Completed application

  • Resume/CV

  • Cover Letter

  • 2 Letters of Recommendation

  • Design Portfolio (if applying for the Graphic Design Internship)


All submissions must have a completed application which can be found at the end of this document. Any applications that do not have the completed application form will not be considered for review.

You can download a copy of our museum's Internship Program below. 

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