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Creating with Cowries

Short Tour and Creating Wearable Art Workshop

Saturday, February 12, 2022  |  11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Participant Availability up to 10 Participants between the ages of 6 – up

To participate you must RSVP through Eventbrite below. 

On February 2nd, to coincide with the 33rd Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival (SBHF) we launched our new exhibit, “Culture, Currency, and Continuity: The Significance of Cowrie Shells in African Art.”

On February 12th from 11 am – 1 pm, we are offering our registered workshop attendees an opportunity for a private tour of the exhibit followed by a workshop, facilitated by Executive Director, Billie Stultz, where we will create a piece of wearable art using cowrie shells, beads, and other materials. The tour of the exhibit will hopefully give our workshop attendees inspiration for their creation. We also hope to enlighten attendees with the history of these immensely popular adornments that were once currency and how they came to be globally associated with Africa and the diaspora, despite not being indigenous to the continent. Come join us to see the beautiful artwork of West & Central Africa created with cowrie shells and learn more about their economic, cultural, and sacred significance and importance.

Registered workshop participants must meet at the front entrance of the main Savannah African Art Museum building promptly at 11 am to commence the tour; the workshop will take place immediately following on the second floor of the museum’s Upbeat Village Terracotta Gallery.


Please note that the workshop space is stair access only, no elevator or wheelchair access is available.

Workshop Details

This workshop will be limited occupancy so to secure your seat you must register through the Eventbrite link below.

Seats are limited and we ask that if you do register that you please arrive on time for the workshop so that the space can be utilized. 



Masks and Social Distancing will be Required

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