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As is tradition, we celebrate Juneteenth in the spirit of Sankofa!
“Sankofa,” is a word from the Akan people of Ghana, Africa. The literal translation is, “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what has been left behind” or simply “go back and get it,” meaning that it is good to honor the past to embrace the future. The Akan people believe wisdom is derived from creating a robust knowledge of the past.


This year you are invited to enjoy free self-guided tours of our West and Central African art collection. Guests who know their African country of origin can be directed to galleries featuring art from their ancestor’s region of origin. Please know we do not have items from every country and culture.  In addition, a Docent will be available for inquiries. QR Codes will be displayed on some of the art so guests can scan it for further personal research and see how it connects to African American history, world history, and present-day motifs (e.g.,Adinkra symbols, Gullah Geechee and The Igbo People, etc.).  Children will receive coloring sheets featuring images and info of selected pieces of art to take home.

Juneteenth marks a day of acknowledging and honoring the past, celebrating progress, planting, and nurturing seeds for the future. We look forward to old and new friends joining us for this multi-generational family friendly event celebrating Juneteenth.  Our hope is that you will be experiencing our African Art Collection and making connections you may not have been aware of prior to your visit.

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Video of our first Juneteenth Celebration on 6/19/2021, marking the official U.S. Juneteenth celebration as a Federal Holiday.

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