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...And The Children Speak

A Virtual Exhibit Through the Voices of Our Youth

"Kasserian Ingera / How are the children?" 

The phrase "Kasserian Ingera" translates in English to the phrase"How are the children?". This is a customary greeting in some African countries rather than the standard hello. Generally the response is,

"The children are well." 

The purpose for this form of greeting and question are because it is believed that the well-being of the upcoming generation is a good measure of the community's well-being.

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About the Exhibit

In seemingly the blink of an eye, our lives and our children’s lives changed in a myriad of ways since March of this year.  From the absence of routines e.g., attending school, engaging in outdoor activities, the arts, playing with friends, visiting loved ones, graduations/proms – to the explosion of disturbing video images across their TV and phone screens erupting in world-wide peaceful and violent protests, displays of solidarity and antagonism, opposing views of history, and race matters passionately discussed amongst parents, other family members and friends…

What impact does or will this have on our children? Are they or how are they expressing their feelings about these sudden life experiences and changes?

We at SAAM believe that art is a voice, a recording of history, and the retelling of a story or experience. It’s a scream, it’s a whisper—both entitled to be heard. It’s an invitation for discussion. We are extending an invitation to children through the age of 18 to send us a copy of their art giving voice, telling their story, recording their experience of the past few months for our virtual exhibit entitled, “…And the Children Speak.” The art can be a sketch, painting, collage, quilt, sculpture, a performance (e.g., dance, singing, spoken word), written word (e.g., poem, short story). It can be a collaborative effort with friends, family, classmates, or other groups.

Artwork Submissions

Deadline for submissions: DECEMBER 31, 2020 

Submission Formats:

  • Images must be submitted in a digital format as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF in high resolution

  • Written word submissions must be photographed and then transcribed in a digital format (JPEG, PNG, or PDF) when submitted.

  • Video submissions must be submitted in MP4 format (which is standard for most recording devices) with a maximum length of 2 minutes

All Submissions must include the following:

  • The title of the art (if named)

  • Name of artist(s)

  • Age of artist(s)

  • Affiliated Organization (If applicable): 
    School & Class, Faith based institution/organization, Community Center/Organization, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, etc.

  • Country, City & State of artists of submitted artwork

Additional Resources

We are additionally inviting parents/guardians and the community to click on the link below to access Resources & tips for Students & Staff Well Being from the Savannah Chatham County Public School System website:

The provided webpage addresses these and other important topics…

  • How do you talk to young children about recent current events

  • Coping during crises

  • Resources for students expressing or experiencing symptoms of an emotional or mental health need

  • Explaining the news to our kids​

  • Helping youth after community trauma​​

  • Talking to your children about race

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