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A Virtual Exhibit Through the Voices of Our Youth

Online Exhibit

"Kasserian Ingera / How are the children?" 

The phrase "Kasserian Ingera" translates in English to the phrase"How are the children?". This is a customary greeting in some African countries rather than the standard hello. Generally the response is,

"The children are well." 

The purpose for this form of greeting and question are because it is believed that the well-being of the upcoming generation is a good measure of the community's well-being.

and the children speak.png

Beginning in March, the lives of children changed in a myriad of ways due to the pandemic and socio-political events.

From the absence of routines – attending school, engaging in outdoor activities, the arts, playing with friends, visiting loved ones, graduations and proms – to the explosion of disturbing video images that crossed their TV screens, depicting world-wide peaceful and violent protests, displays of solidarity and antagonism, opposing views of history and race matters being passionately discussed. The past several months have indeed impacted the nation’s youth.

The purpose of this exhibit is to provide our youth a platform to express themselves through their art. Whether the art reflects their feelings about these sudden life experiences, provides them an outlet for releasing stress, or is simply their artistic expression – all submissions are still welcome through December 31, 2020. 

If your child would like to participate in this exhibit learn more  – HERE

We would also like to thank every participant in this exhibition for their creativity, vulnerability, and raising their voices to be heard. 

Click on each Image to expand and learn about the artist

Virtual Learning and How I Feel

Artist: Jeremiah Armstrong
Art/Title: Rap Video  - “Virtual Learning and How I Feel”
Age: 9 years old
Affiliation: The Dream Campaign
Location: Savannah, GA



Artist: Eva Lane Kennicott
Art: Rap Video – COVID Rap

Age: 11 years
Grade: 6th grader 
Location: Rincon, GA

COVID Cops - Oblivious Violence Ignites Debacle (Explicit Content) 


Artist: Cole Edwards (a.k.a. Ice Coleyy)
Art: Rap Video – COVID Cops - Oblivious Violence Ignites Debacle

Age: 17 years

Freshman at Howard University
Location: Brooklyn, NY

**Explicit content due to language

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