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2021 Kwanzaa Workshop Series

Affirmation Journal Making
Facilitated by Billie Stultz, SAAM Curator, Business Owner, and Scholar

Saturday, January 8, 2021  |  11:00 am - 1:00pm

due to a loss in the immediate museum family, we have postponed this workshop to January 8, 2022

Participant Availability up to 10 Participants between the ages of 6 – up

Just bring your creativity! All materials, tables & chairs will be supplied.


Workshop Details

This workshop will be limited occupancy so to secure your seat you must register through the Eventbrite link below.

Seats are limited and we ask that if you do register that you please arrive on time for the workshop so that the space can be utilized. 



Masks will be Required!
This workshop will take place on the second floor of our Upbeat Village Terracotta Gallery. This space has stair access only. 

Affirmations are statements of truth. They are often used to encourage and reinforce positive thinking to create positive outcomes.

They can be expressed in a statement seeing oneself reaching a desired goal, e.g., “I will proudly walk across the stage to accept my diploma,”  or a statement of encouragement  about oneself, e.g., “There is no one better to be than myself.”  Writing our affirmations and revisiting them in a journal helps us to reinforce them.

In this workshop, you will be wrapping a blank journal in an African printed fabric and designing a cover sheet for the inside of your journal. Once the journals are wrapped and finished we will be setting our affirmations for the new year and using our new journals. 


Please keep in mind that seats are limited so you must RSVP for this event. Should you RSVP and are unable to attend, please reach out to us so that we can assure that your seat is filled!

This workshop will be hosted on the second floor of the Upbeat Village Terracotta Gallery!
**Please note this workshop is stair access only and we do not have an elevator or wheelchair access

Affirmation Journals2022 White-01.png

Download Inside Cover Pages 

Meet our Facilitator!

Billie Stultz
SAAM Curator |   Business Owner   |   Scholar

Billie Stultz is the founding director and curator of the Savannah African Art Museum. She co-founded the museum in 2016 after obtaining her BFA in Art History with a concentration in African Studies and Museum Studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

In addition to the museum, Billie is a multidisciplinary artist working in several areas, such as clay, fiber arts, leatherworking, watercolor, jewelry making, photography, and graphic design. She is the founder and CEO of the Black Rabbit Bazaar, a multi-artist and creator community platform that launched in September of 2020 as a place for local artists to work alongside one another in a creative community. Currently, there are three artists collaborating their work under the Black Rabbit Bazaar, Billie Stultz, Ashley Crew Fiber Arts, and Olivia Gherke of Runredfox. 


Billie Stultz, local artist, scholar, and curator

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